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All things considered, the people who care about garments have no lack of online assets available to them to track down outfit motivation and feed their energy for style. That gives retail marks an implicit benefit.
Today we are discussing our company Winsome wear which became popular with its honesty, and trustworthiness and it took many people’s appreciation. A company which grabbed many people as its regular customers and we satisfied our customers with every aspect. We are very conscious about the variety of different brands we are selling without any alternation and 100% original clothes never did dishonesty with our new and regular customers which thing we showed in our live sessions same as it we delivered to our customers.
It,s an online store which we are expanding gradually we never faked anything or never scammed anyone. We always tried our best to give the best quality to our customers. And always we will try our best to satisfy our customers with our quality of fabrics and the clothes are always checked many times by us before dispatching them. We deliver our dresses in all over Pakistan and also in Nation Wide or Internationally. Winsomewear is one of the top company in companies of clothing in Pakistan.


On 1st June 2021, Founder and Cheif Executive Officer Mr.Muzammil created a Facebook page named Winsome wear and started selling different varieties of ladies’ dresses with all of his efforts he achieved a better level and earned popularity with his honesty and earned regular customers who gave him many prayers and slowly he started expanding his business and started taking big orders, hired professional tailors for ordered ready to wear dresses.
Our internet-based store has made it feasible for clients worldwide to buy.

We are working on popular brands like Bareeze, Bareeze Man’s collections, Maria B, Cross Stich, Rang Rani, Nishat linen and many more 100% original stuff with a guarantee we sell different kinds of stuff we have winter collections, summer collections and many other collections.
We also sell ready-to-wear and also provide the facility to stitch dresses of your own choices same as you want. We have comparative tailors, they will cooperate till the end. They are very serious from their cutting to their stitching they never relied on it. The professionals also stitched with all their hearts, and the customers loved and appreciated their stitching. A tailor is an important part of our society because he makes our clothes mostly for women. Our Professional tailors create beautiful and attractive designs. They can design all types of clothes including shirts, t-shirts and trousers. For women’s clothes, they have hundreds of designs. Hence, they can make each and every cloth look unique and different from others. A tailor’s life is very hard. They work day and night to earn their livelihood. We always respect our tailors and appreciate their unique designs.

Muzammil Rafique(CEO)
He is a very cooperative person, it is not wrong to call him backbone of our company,he supervises all the work with great care. He is famous for his generosity.The members of our company approach him in case of any issue that they encounter, he sorts them in no time. He perform his duty locally, he never usurp anyone’s rights. He provides all increments to deserving one. He’s very nice and loyal to every member of his company if there’s a problem in their personal life he always stands by them and helps them out. if someone wants off for some days he humbly gives and he never did anything alone because he keeps everyone involved in everything, because of him our company looks like a family he binds together everyone from small member to bigger one. he says that his staff is also his family and he can’t leave his family behind. A CEO Conveys, for the organization, to investors, government substances, and people in general. Chief Executive Officer is the highest level individual worker in an association. They are a representative as in they work for the firm (rather than being chosen by investors), yet the person is certainly not a generally common staff part; they have impressive obligation and impact inside the firm. Successful CEOs can draw in the top ability of their associations. While they aren’t answerable for recruiting or firing each individual representative, they are liable for building and administering the chief administration group who, thusly, enlist and direct upper and centre administration inside their divisions. Our CEO Sir Mudasir is also one of them. He’s very friendly with his workers.

Saif Mehmood (COO) 

Chief Operating Officer is an individual from an association’s leader group. A COO is the CEO’s right-hand individual and the second-most noteworthy in order at a firm. He is liable for the everyday activities of a firm and for helping the CEO with different errands. he has solid scientific, hierarchical, and relational abilities. He handles the everyday organization and activity of a business. He tries to give his best in everything and he always gives the best advice to everyone.

Mohsin Hassan (CFO)

Chief Financial Officer is an individual who is responsible for company financial matters in other words our Mohsin sir is the controller of financial growth and everything related to finance. he’s a person who also helps his colleagues with any type of problem, he’s well qualified.

Taniya Sheikh ( Manager )
A Chief/Manager might have the ability to enlist, fire, discipline, or advance representatives, particularly in more modest associations with the help of the Human Resources staff. Taniya Sheikh is the manager in Pakistan and she’s a very sensible and intelligent woman. She’s quite serious about her work. She manages Work, Workers, workers, Resources, and Stakeholders.
Haya Khan ( International Manager )
Haya Khan deals with our UK customers and she manages everything in Uk. There is our warehouse in Tooting Mitcham in London. She handles everything and people can order their dresses from Pakistan and can pick from the warehouse and also can check and buy many things from the warehouse and customers can also do the net payments. She manages Workers, Payments, Resources, and Work in London. She always stays in touch with the staff in Pakistan.
Asma Akhtar ( Marketing Expert )
Asma Akhtar marketing expert and also an SEO expert lead statistical surveying to track down replies about customer necessities, propensities, and patterns
Conceptualize and foster thoughts for innovative advertising efforts.
Aid outbound or inbound advertising exercises by showing exercises in different regions. She runs ads everywhere on social media.

Here we discussed our company Winsomewear which is from one of the top companies of clothing in Pakistan..